Spring Cleaning for Your Plumbing

Spring has sprung! Monday, March 20th is the first day of Spring - when warmer, brighter days make us want to open our windows and doors and let the outside in. This is the time we usually begin the traditional “spring cleaning.”

As you sweep, mop, and dust, we encourage you to give some thought to your plumbing. Plumbing you say? Absolutely! After a long winter, your plumbing can probably use a little “spring cleaning” all its own. This type of annual preventative maintenance will help your plumbing fixtures and system perform better and more efficiently and will help to avoid wear and tear in the months to come.

Below is a handy-dandy list of things to do in your “plumbing spring cleaning:”

  • Inspect pipes for leaks or other damage;

  • Snake slow floor drains to remove clogs. Pour a gallon of water into infrequently used floor drains to fill the trap and prevent odors and sewer gases from coming in the house;

  • Use a bacterial drain cleaner to clear debris and build-up from drains;

  • Do a maintenance check on your water heater;

  • Clean the traps on your sinks;

  • Clean mineral build-up from your shower heads and faucets. Clean out and replace faucet aerators if needed;

  • Check the water supply lines on any fixtures or appliances that use water. Replace any lines that have bulges, tears, etc;

  • Put mesh strainers over