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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Stopped up or sluggish drains? Keith McDonald Plumbing has all the tools necessary to quickly get you back in business.  

Sewer Main & Fixture Cleaning

Sewer Jetting

Sewer Video Camera Line Inspection

Sewer & Drain Repair, Replacement, & Whole House Re-pipes

Whole House Sewer & Drain Replacement



The most common reason for reoccurring drain issues is due to roots in the sewer line. Roots are highly likely to return as the penetrations of the pipe that allowed roots to come in before are still open for roots to gain re-entry in the future.  Think of cleaning the roots in a sewer line like shaving hair.  The follicle is still present and the hair will regrow.  Growth rate of roots can vary drastically.  Some people may experience issues again within months while others may go years before experiencing another problem. 

We recommend treating your sewer line regularly with sulfuric acid to help keep roots at bay.  Remove any shrubbery or trees in the area of your sewer line to stop root growth. Scheduling regular maintenance can give you peace of mind for systems that are problematic, but replacing the sewer line entirely may be the most efficient solution long term. 

Fats, Oils, and Grease


When you pour grease down drains, it will harden and stick to the pipes as it cools. Fats, Oils and Greases are the hardest substance to rid from a sewer line. Sewer machines may only provide temporary relief where lines are full of grease.  The cable may simply form a hole in the clog that can quickly close back up.  Exterior sewer lines can be jetted for a potential better outcome.  The best prevention is to ensure that no grease finds its way down your sink drains. 
These include but are not limited to:
     - Cooking Oil
     - Gravy
     - Butter
     - Meat Grease
     - Mayonaise
     - Sour Cream


Dated Sewer System


Nothing lasts forever and there is no exception for plumbing.  

Cast iron pipe was originally made with an internal coating to minimize corrosion.  Over time that lining wears away leaving the metal and water to react and form what we call "burs". The metal begins to rust, flake, and become severely deteriorated.  Without a smooth surface, solids are unable to pass through the pipe without getting slowed down or stuck in the pipe.  Cast iron can also rust out completely on the bottom leaving sewage to travel through the dirt.  

Terracotta is a drain pipe that is made from clay.  Clay pipes do not fit together perfectly which leaves small gaps between the sections of pipe hubs.  The most typical reason for terracotta pipe failure is due to roots growing into those small cracks and causing blockages.  Terracotta is also very fragile and is subject to minor damages during the installation process that could ultimately turn into much bigger problems in the future. It can not withstand impact or ground shifting and will crack easily.  Those cracks could eventually lead to collapse. 

Improper Installation

Improper plumbing installations are something we run across quite frequently. Sure plumbing seems easy enough at first thought but it turns out it is much more complicated than most people realize. Often we go behind someone who has made a real mess of things. By the time the customer realizes something just isn't right, they have paid the "plumber" who now won't answer the phone or return to fix the issue.  

Get it right the first time around by giving us a call.  And if we do miss something, you can rest assured we will be right back to take care of it.  We also provide a one year parts and labor warranty on all of our new installations. 


Our customers and our reputation means everything to our business. 
We will work hard to keep our customers happy and our reputation among one of the best.
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