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About Us

My name is Lindsay Goodson, daughter of the late Keith McDonald.  My father started out in the year 2000 by picking up small plumbing jobs in the off hours of his regular job at the local kaolin plant.  What started out as one man running service calls out of an old blue Nissan pickup quickly evolved into a family ran company with a fleet of plumbers ready to serve the community.  In 2009 I came on board for what I expected to be a very temporary position - a bridge to whatever it was I decided to do next in life.  Over the next few years, I came to love the work I was doing and who I was doing it for.  By the year 2020 our family business had expanded to approximately thirty-five employees in three different locations in the middle Georgia area.  It became clear to both me and my father that I would eventually take over the business. In 2020 I set out to obtain my Journeyman Plumbers License and we started setting goals for he and my mom to retire in five years.   

In August of 2021 my dad suddenly passed away due to complications of Covid-19.  It was truly the most devastating thing to happen to our family and to our business.  During that time, there was no question of what I wanted to do.  I was determined to continue forward with the company that he and my mother worked so hard to build.  Through a lot of long days and nights and many difficult moments, I obtained my Master’s Plumbing License and took ownership from my mom in February of 2022. I made the decision to downsize a bit to focus our efforts in the areas that I am most passionate about.  I wanted to be able to truly take care of our customers in the best way possible and without my dad it was clear that the company was too spread out for me to do that effectively.  Customer service has always played a very close second to the quality work we provide.  

We are now based out of our Milledgeville office but continue to provide services to the Washington, Hancock, Baldwin, Putnam and surrounding counties.  Our focus is on providing all plumbing services from the simplest of leaks to larger jobs that require heavy equipment to complete.  We also specialize in new construction homes and remodels.  

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General Plumbing Service Professionals - LICENSED & INSURED

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